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This Shabad is by Bhai Gurdaas Ji in Vaars Bhai Gurdaas on Pannaa 20

gurisKw gurisK syvw lwieAw]
swD sMgiq kir syv suK Plu pwieAw]
qpVu JwiV ivCwie DUVI nwieAw]
kory mt Axwie nIru BrwieAw]
Awix mhw prswdu vMif KuAwieAw ]10]

gurasikhaa gurasikh saevaa laaeiaa||
saadhh sa(n)gath kar saev sukh fal paaeiaa||
thaparr jhaarr vishhaae dhhoorree naaeiaa||
korae matt anaae neer bharaaeiaa||
aan mehaa parasaadh va(n)dd khuaaeiaa ||10||

The Sikhs of the Guru inspire the Sikhs of the Guru to serve.
Serving the Holy Congregation they receive the fruit of happiness.
Sweeping and spreading the sitting mats they bathe in the dust of the Holy Congregation.
They bring unused pitchers and fill them with water (to get it cold).
They bring sacred food (maha parshad), distribute it among others and eat.(10)

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