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This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Todee on Pannaa 718

tofI mhlw 5 ]
hir hir crn irdY aur Dwry ]
ismir suAwmI siqguru Apunw kwrj sPl hmwry ]1] rhwau ]
puMn dwn pUjw prmysur hir kIriq qqu bIcwry ]
gun gwvq Aqul suKu pwieAw Twkur Agm Apwry ]1]
jo jn pwrbRhim Apny kIny iqn kw bwhuir kCu n bIcwry ]
nwm rqnu suin jip jip jIvw hir nwnk kMT mJwry ]2]11]30]

ttoddee mehalaa 5 ||
har har charan ridhai our dhhaarae ||
simar suaamee sathigur apunaa kaaraj safal hamaarae ||1|| rehaao ||
pu(n)n dhaan poojaa paramaesur har keerath thath beechaarae ||
gun gaavath athul sukh paaeiaa t(h)aakur agam apaarae ||1||
jo jan paarabreham apanae keenae thin kaa baahur kashh n beechaarae ||
naam rathan sun jap jap jeevaa har naanak ka(n)t(h) majhaarae ||2||11||30||

Todee, Fifth Mehla:
I have enshrined the Lord's Feet within my heart.
Contemplating my Lord and Master, my True Guru, all my affairs have been resolved. ||1||Pause||
The merits of giving donations to charity and devotional worship come from the Kirtan of the Praises of the Transcendent Lord; this is the true essence of wisdom.
Singing the Praises of the unapproachable, infinite Lord and Master, I have found immeasurable peace. ||1||
The Supreme Lord God does not consider the merits and demerits of those humble beings whom He makes His own.
Hearing, chanting and meditating on the jewel of the Naam, I live; Nanak wears the Lord as his necklace. ||2||11||30||

This translation is an updated version.
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