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inMdw jUAw ihrY ju mwl mhW duKwvY iqs ko kwl ]
ni(n)dhaa jooaa hirai j maal mehaa(n) dhukhaavai this ko kaal ||
Those who slander, gamble and remain deceitful will receive a painful death.

Rehatnama Bhai Nand Laal Jee


kih kbIr ikCu gunu bIcwir ] cly juAwrI duie hQ Jwir ]4]2]
kehi kabeer kishh gun beechaar || chalae juaaree dhue hathh jhaar ||4||2||
Says Kabeer, think of doing some good deeds. In the end, the gambler shall depart empty-handed. ||4||2||

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Page 1157 Bhagat Kabeer Jee Raag Bhairo

Karan28/02/2004 20:15:40 Message Id:516
Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa,Vaheguru ji ki Fateh. Does this include playing the lottery

anoop singh18/03/2004 16:44:20 Message Id:535
Fateh. Two quick points, firstly I think gambling in this rehat is not exclusive to just money, it applies to any risky venture, also however, ultimately isn't every outcome of a Gursikh's action guaranteed and hence risk free?! The second point regards Karan Ji's lottery question, in particular, isn't it true to say that deciding whether you play or not depends on what you would do if you WIN?!

singh soorma11/12/2006 01:43:29 Message Id:1897
Fateh.Like what karan ban ji said the question about the lottery and also what about poker or something but not playing with real money???

to above12/06/2007 11:13:07 Message Id:2666
Ok you are playing with fake money but for what?? Time pass but why man you are wasteing you precious time. Do naam simran, sewa etc.. and cut your sins otherwise in next birth what will be you? Moreover there is no time for death. AND ABOUT LOTTERY do kirt(work)with your hands and brain and do not waste money in lottery and invest money in some business, get money. Now i will tell you what is real money and lottery is your love for God. Simran is your ticket which will never bounse.

Answer12/06/2007 14:58:25 Message Id:2667
Do not gamble refers to taking risk where u know there is a chance of losing u'r money... (Taking risks in business is completely different and irrelevant to the rehat). Playing poker or cards where money is not involved is acceptable because u r not gambling on anything, just time pass or entertainment.

sehaj07/10/2007 14:13:12 Message Id:3978
VJKK VJKF. sangat ji I have one question that people who own gas stations keep lotteries, so that's bad too as you are are promoting something which we ourselves are not supposed to be doing, and the same thing goes with tobacco and alcohol. why should we be in a business who does all this but the sad part is mostly all punjabi's have gas stations, liquor stores. why has money become so important that we need to forget the principles of our own religion. Bhul chuk di maafi VJKK VJKF

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