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English Search

Welcome to the new English Search facility which lets you type in plain english to search Gurbani. Enter the words as you would say them in English. The words should be from the start of the Shabad line.

For example 'Jo Maangay Taakur Apnay Thay'.

For optimum results you need to enter at least four words. Five will almost guarantee a find on the first page of results if the words are in the right order.

If the Shabad line you are searching for is the main line the Keertanee is singing, they may not be singing it from the start of the line. For instance the Shabad "Mere Raam Rai Thoo Santhaa Kaa Santh Theray" may be sang from "Thoo Santhaa Kaa Santh Theray". The easiest thing to do is wait for the next line to be sang then use that one. In this case that would be "Theray Sevak Ko Bhou Kich Nahee...".


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