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There are some major improvements taking place on the SikhiToTheMAX website. The additions and updates will help increase the site's utility for research and Gurbani knowledge. We are sure you will enjoy them and thanks for your patience.

The following sections are available:

Gurbani Search
English Search (NEW)
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Guru Granth Sahib Index
Amrit Keertan Index (NEW)
Supersant (NEW)
Bhai Gurdas Vaar Index (NEW)
101 Rehats Forum (NEW)

Section Completion Date
Gurbani Section COMPLETE
Updated Supersant COMPLETE
Amrit Keertan Index COMPLETE
101 Rehats of a Disciplined Sikh COMPLETE
Bhai Gurdas Vaar Index COMPLETE
Gurbani Translation Check/Correction Phase1 Underway
Bhai Gurdas Singh Translation 15th Nov 2003
Online Searchable Knowledgebase 15th Nov (Phase1)
Bhai Gurdas Vaars Bani Check 21st Nov 2003 (underway)
Knowledge Section 28th Nov 2003
Desktop Version Release 28th Nov 2003
Keertan Software 28th Nov 2003
Dasam Granth Index 28th Nov 2003
Mission Section 31st Dec 2003
Search Whole Site Function 31st Dec 2003
Newsletter 31st Dec 2003
Misc Section 31st Jan 2004
Kabith Savaiye Bani Check 31st Jan 2004
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