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This Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Raag Bhairao on Pannaa 1159

isv kI purI bsY buiD swru ]
siv kee puree basai budhh saar ||
In the City of God, sublime understanding prevails.

qh qum@ imil kY krhu ibcwru ]
theh thumh mil kai karahu bichaar ||
There, you shall meet with the Lord, and reflect on Him.

eIq aUq kI soJI prY ]
eeth ooth kee sojhee parai ||
Thus, you shall understand this world and the next.

kaunu krm myrw kir kir mrY ]1]
koun karam maeraa kar kar marai ||1||
What is the use of claiming that you own everything, if you only die in the end? ||1||

inj pd aUpir lwgo iDAwnu ]
nij padh oopar laago dhhiaan ||
I focus my meditation on my inner self, deep within.

rwjw rwm nwmu morw bRhm igAwnu ]1] rhwau ]
raajaa raam naam moraa breham giaan ||1|| rehaao ||
The Name of the Sovereign Lord is my spiritual wisdom. ||1||Pause||

mUl duAwrY bMiDAw bMDu ]
mool dhuaarai ba(n)dhhiaa ba(n)dhh ||
In the first chakra, the root chakra, I have grasped the reins and tied them.

riv aUpir gih rwiKAw cMdu ]
rav oopar gehi raakhiaa cha(n)dh ||
I have firmly placed the moon above the sun.

pCm duAwrY sUrju qpY ]
pashham dhuaarai sooraj thapai ||
The sun blazes forth at the western gate.

myr fMf isr aUpir bsY ]2]
maer dda(n)dd sir oopar basai ||2||
Through the central channel of the Shushmanaa, it rises up above my head. ||2||

pscm duAwry kI isl EV ]
pasacham dhuaarae kee sil ourr ||
There is a stone at that western gate,

iqh isl aUpir iKVkI Aaur ]
thih sil oopar khirrakee aour ||
and above that stone, is another window.

iKVkI aUpir dsvw duAwru ]
khirrakee oopar dhasavaa dhuaar ||
Above that window is the Tenth Gate.

kih kbIr qw kw AMqu n pwru ]3]2]10]
kehi kabeer thaa kaa a(n)th n paar ||3||2||10||
Says Kabeer, it has no end or limitation. ||3||2||10||

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