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This Shabad is by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Raag Maajh on Pannaa 147

slok mÚ 1 ]
salok ma 1 ||
Salok, First Mehla:

nwnk guru sMqoKu ruKu Drmu Pulu Pl igAwnu ]
naanak gur sa(n)thokh rukh dhharam ful fal giaan ||
O Nanak, the Guru is the tree of contentment, with flowers of faith, and fruits of spiritual wisdom.

ris risAw hirAw sdw pkY krim iDAwin ]
ras rasiaa hariaa sadhaa pakai karam dhhiaan ||
Watered with the Lord's Love, it remains forever green; through the karma of good deeds and meditation, it ripens.

piq ky swd Kwdw lhY dwnw kY isir dwnu ]1]
path kae saadh khaadhaa lehai dhaanaa kai sir dhaan ||1||
Honor is obtained by eating this tasty dish; of all gifts, this is the greatest gift. ||1||

This translation is an updated version.
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