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This Shabad is by Bhai Gurdaas Ji in Vaars Bhai Gurdaas on Pannaa 12

kurbwxI iqnHW gurisKW ipCl rwqI auiT bhMdy]
kurabaanee thinhaa(n) gurasikhaa(n) pishhal raathee out(h) beha(n)dhae||
I am sacrifice unto those Gursikhs who get up in the last quarter of night.

kurbwxI iqnHW gurisKW AMimRqu vylY sir nwvMdy]
kurabaanee thinhaa(n) gurasikhaa(n) a(n)mrith vaelai sar naava(n)dhae||
I am sacrifice unto those Gursikhs who getting up in the ambrosial hours, and bathe in the Holy tank.

kurbwxI iqnHW gurisKwN hoie iek min gur jwpu jpMdy]
kurabaanee thinhaa(n) gurasikhaa(n) hoe eik man gur jaap japa(n)dhae||
I am sacrifice unto those Gursikhs who remember the Lord with single Devotion.

kurbwxI iqnHW gurisKW swDsMgiq cil jwie juVMdy]
kurabaanee thinhaa(n) gurasikhaa(n) saadhhasa(n)gath chal jaae jurra(n)dhae||
I am sacrifice unto those Gursikhs also who go to the Holy Congregation and sit there.

kurbwxI iqnHW gurisKW gurbwxI iniq gwie suxMdy]
kurabaanee thinhaa(n) gurasikhaa(n) gurabaanee nith gaae suna(n)dhae||
I am sacrifice unto those Gursikhs who sing and listen to Gurbani daily.

kurbwxI iqnHW gurisKW min mylI kir myil imlÁdy]
kurabaanee thinhaa(n) gurasikhaa(n) man maelee kar mael mila(n)dhae||
I am sacrifice unto those Gursikhs who meet others whole-heartedly.

kurbwxI iqnHW gurisKW Bwie Bgiq gurpurb krMdy]
kurabaanee thinhaa(n) gurasikhaa(n) bhaae bhagath gurapurab kara(n)dhae||
I am sacrifice unto those Gursikhs who celebrate Guruĺs anniversaries with full Devotion.

gur syvw Plu suPl PlÁdy ]2]
gur saevaa fal sufal fala(n)dhae ||2||
Such Sikhs become blest by the service of the Guru and progress further successfully.(2)

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