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This Shabad is by Bhai Gurdaas Ji in Vaars Bhai Gurdaas on Pannaa 1

puCin gl eImwn dI kwzI mulW iekTy hoeI]
pushhan gal eemaan dhee kaazee mulaa(n) eikat(h)ae hoee||
Qazi and maulvis got together and began discussing religion.

vfw sWg vrqwieAw liK n skY kudriq koeI]
vaddaa saa(n)g varathaaeiaa lakh n sakai kudharath koee||
A great fantasy has been created and no one could understood its mystery.

puCin Poil ikqwb no ihMdU vfw ik muslmwnoeI]
pushhan fol kithaab no hi(n)dhoo vaddaa k musalamaanoee||
They asked Baba Nanak to open and search in his book whether Hindu is great or the Muslim.

bwbw AwKy hwjIAW suiB Amlw bwJhu dono roeI]
baabaa aakhae haajeeaaa(n) subh amalaa baajhahu dhono roee||
Baba replied to the pilgrim hajis, that, without good deeds both will have to weep and wail.

ihMdU muslmwn duie drgh AMdir lhix n FoeI]
hi(n)dhoo musalamaan dhue dharageh a(n)dhar lehan n dtoee||
By being a Hindu or a Muslim one can not get accepted in the court of the Lord.

kcw rMgu kusuMB dw pwxI DoqY iQr n rhoeI]
kachaa ra(n)g kusu(n)bh dhaa paanee dhhothai thhir n rehoee||
As the colour of safflower is impermanent and is washed away in water, likewise the colours of religiosity are also temporary.

krn bKIlI Awip ivic rwm rhIm iek Qwie KloeI]
karan bakheelee aap vich raam reheem eik thhaae khaloee||
(Followers of both the religions) In their expositions, denounce Ram and Rahim.

rwih sYqwnI dunIAw goeI ]33]
raahi saithaanee dhuneeaa goee ||33||
The whole of the world is following the ways of Satan.(33)

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